cum together

GLOBAL online masturbation gathering




During summer (Mai - Aug) further sessions are going to be published short notice. Make sure to be registered with the link below. Then you will receive a notification, when a new session is on. 


* Find your time zone here!



This event is free of charge, so everyone can participate.

If you belong to the privileged people who have a normal income or earn above average, I would be happy about a DONATION!

This way I can continue my work and nobody is turned away for lack of funds or payment issues.


  • Supporters will be invited and reminded of all my online events without extra costs!
  • Long-term supporter get free trial access to my OnlyFans account at least once a year!

Turn on your cam and get off!


In this group masturbation ritual you have the opportunity to participate as a witness, voyeur and exhibitionist. You are invited to change these roles at any time and decide for yourself how much of yourself you want to reveal. 


I would like to encourage you to leave your routines and try something new. Let us participate when you moan with an open microphone. 

The Ritual

1. Dance & Strip  (max. 10 minutes)

We're gonna do a little dance together and take our clothes off. Those who put on a nice show will be spotlighted.


2. Meditation (max. 10 minutes) 

We feel into the body and slowly start to touch ourselves gently.


3. Edging (about 30 minutes)

Everyone can masturbate and show themselves. Using toys is very welcome as well. Optionally it is possible to join the Edge game:

A playlist is played with a gong sounding every now and then. If you want, you can play this game together with others:

  • While the music is playing, try to get as close to the climax as possible.
  • As soon as the gong sounds, you stop and remove your hands until music plays again.
  • Then the game continues and the gong sounds in shorter and shorter intervals until the grand finale: The Cum Show!

4. Cum Show (about 15 minutes)

Anyone who wants to shoot their load can get a spotlight for it. This means that it is shown to all other participants in the speakers view. 

I also will spotlight randomly some nice views and create a hot live show. If you don't want to get spotlighted put an X behind your nickname. 


5. Farewell

Leave a comment in the chat before you log out. 


  • Cam must be on all the time*
  • No recording or taking screen shots



How does it work?

  • After your registration, you will get an email with the zoom link, that you can use to enter the meeting at the announced time.
  • If you can afford it, please become a Premium Member,  donate some bucks or sign in to my Onlyfans Account to support my work.
  • If you don't have the zoom software installed, you will be asked to download the free zoom client after clicking on the link. You must allow this. 
  • After that you will first come to the waiting room and it may take a moment until I let you in. 
  • If this is the first time you are attending a Zoom Meeting, please arrive 5-10 minutes before the meeting starts. Only then can I take the time to explain the functions and you can test if the camera and audio work. 


How can I prepare?

  • I highly recommend to use a desktop, because it shows more participants at the same time and the experience is much better than with a smartphone.
  • enter the meeting about 5-10 minutes early to guarantee your spot and to work through any technical glitches you might encounter
  • Set up a cozy place where you can relax. Have lube, toys and something to drink nearby!


Is this event just for gay men?

All sexualities and masculinities are welcome at this event.


Which language will be spoken?

I will lead through the evening in English.


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