cum together

GLOBAL online masturbation gathering

Next dates:

Sunday, 4 October 2020, 8:30pm (CEST)

Sunday, 1 November 2020, 8:30pm (CET)

Sunday, 13 December 2020, 8:30pm (CET)

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Turn on your cam and get off!


In this group masturbation ritual you have the opportunity to participate as a witness, voyeur or exhibitionist. You are invited to change these roles at any time and decide for yourself how much of yourself you want to reveal. 


I would like to encourage you to leave your routines and try something new. Let us participate when you moan with an open microphone (Use earplugs or a head set to avoid feedback). You can also influence whether you are exposed for everyone in the chat. 

The Ritual

1. Dance & Strip  (max. 10 minutes)

We're gonna do a little dance together and take our clothes off. Those who put on a nice show will be spotlighted by me for a certain period of time and will be shown in large size in the speaker view.


2. Meditation (max. 10 minutes) 

We feel into the body and slowly start to touch each other gently.


3. Edging (about 30 minutes)

Everyone can masturbate and show themselves. Optionally it is possible to join the Edge game:

A playlist is played with a gong sounding every now and then. If you want, you can play this game together with others:

  • While the music is playing, try to get as close to the climax as possible.
  • As soon as the gong sounds, you stop and remove your hands until music sounds again.
  • Then the game continues and the gong sounds in shorter and shorter intervals until the grand finale: The Cum Show!

4. Cum Show (about 15 minutes)

Anyone who wants to shoot his load can get a spotlight for it. This means that it is shown to all other participants in the speakers view. 

I also will spotlight randomly some nice views and create a cool show. 


5. Optional Sharing Round / Decompress

After about one hour we will finish the Ritual and will have the possibility to chat and share with each other for another half an hour. 


How can I prepare?

  • a headset with both speakers and microphone is recommended, though most phones and laptops have adequate built-in speakers/microphones. I highly recommend to use a desktop, because it shows more participants at the same time and the experience is much better than with a smartphone.
  • enter the meeting about 10-20 minutes early to guarantee your spot and to work through any technical glitches you might encounter


Is this event just for gay men?

All sexualities and masculinities are welcome at this event.


In which language will the event be taught?

I will lead through the evening in German and English.


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