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Shibantra - Rope Sessions

The art of bondage combined with meditation, sensual touch 

and optional BDSM elements!


Allow yourself to let go completely, feel held by ropes and relax into a new sense of freedom. As paradoxical as this may sound, it is fascinating to surrender to the ropes and immerse yourself in a new dimension.


All sessions begin with a relaxation ritual involving breathing meditation and massage, introducing you to the loose ropes. This is followed by some passive stretching and mobilization to prepare the body for the following bondage.


The intensity we increase during the session depends on your wishes and needs, which we will clarify in the pre-talk. 


This introductory session is a sensual, meditative encounter with ropes holding you.


Let yourself go and enjoy my caring, gentle dominance and sensual touches all over your body. 

During this first appointment, I will also introduce you to the most important rules and how to deal with the risks of BDSM play.


In order that this does not take too much time, I recommend that you read this information here in advance. 

75 Min 295 CHF BOOKING!


Let's immerse ourselves in the sensual world of bondage together.


Experience the sensation of the ropes in a variety of ways, immerse yourself in the thrill of friction, pressure and passive movement.


Allow yourself to let go and experience freedom while being held at the same time.


Let go of control, trust the supportive framework I create for you and enjoy not having to make any decisions. 

80 Min 325 CHF BOOKING!


If you are a little more adventurous, this is a good way to start experiencing relaxation in restriction and to find out what you like, what you want and where your limits are.


Perhaps the feeling of being submissive will also appeal to you and allow me to play with you within an agreed framework.


DS dynamics, i.e. playing in a power imbalance (dominance/submission), can be part of this session.

90 Min 335 CHF BOOKING!


In this kinky session, we set the limits together beforehand, discuss what you want and which fantasies you would like to realize.


Toys and BDSM practices can also be used. Tell me uninhibitedly what you feel like and I will see if and how we can realize your most secret wishes.


My taboos: injuries with permanent marks, blood, scat, electro and substance use

 120 Min 425 CHF BOOKING!