Anal Exploration

Anal Touch


For men for whom anal touch is something new and still unknown, I have put together a package of 5 one-hour sessions in which we slowly feel our way and explore the anus and pelvic floor in a mindful and gentle way.


I also offer individual sessions for experienced anal lovers.



The sessions can of course also be booked individually and the order given below is only a recommendation. 


50 minutes


In the first part you will receive a calming and relaxing back and butt massage before your anal area is touched gently and in a meditative slowness.

You can decide here whether the touch should only be external or whether I can gently penetrate with a finger.


50 minutes


After a full body massage, I will devote myself to your anus and give you a gentle anal massage.

You will direct my finger so that it can gently stimulate the prostate in your rectum. You can also get down on your knees so that my second hand can stimulate your genitals as well. 


50 minutes


Not only the prostate can be stimulated during an anal massage. Many other areas of the pelvic floor muscles around the anus can also be reached.

During anal mapping, we detect knots and tension and bring relaxation to the innermost layers of these muscles.


60 minutes


A full body massage focussing on the anal and genital area.

After gently opening the anus, I stimulate the prostate with my finger and loosen the inner pelvic floor muscles. The sphincter muscles are gently stretched and the intensity is adapted to your needs and wishes.  


60 minutes


We organise this session entirely according to your individual wishes. Would you like to repeat or intensify something you have already done? Or would you like to try out new things? Experiment with toys or live out certain fantasies? Talk uninhibitedly about your needs, ideas and desires in the pre-talk!

Per session 50 min 185 CHF
Per session 60 min 195 CHF

Save CHF 150 if you book all 5 sessions.

The whole 2-month package* costs only CHF 795 (instead of CHF 945) if you pay in advance

* The five sessions must be held within 2 months.