Genital Meditation

Genital Meditation is a ritual of touch, which brings us into a state of full presence and sensual awareness. With a meditative attitude we perform one single stroke on the lingam with no intention, but very focussed and in a calm rhythm for 15 minutes.


The practice enhances genital sensitivity and the ability for pleasure and creates an intense connection with our own body. Any form of emotion such as joy, arousal, sadness or deep relaxation might occur and allows a deep somatic and spiritual experience, relieving from shame, fears and deeply routed blockages.


To receive without demanding and to give without expecting are the key statements for this practice.


The video shows a complete session with instructions in english language for the giver.

Additionally you can download an audio file with instructions for the receiving partner

here for free!

Deutsche Version

Der Audiokommentar im Video (hier kaufen) ist auf englisch. Wenn Du die Audio-Instruktionen lieber auf Deutsch haben möchtest, kannst Du diese hier gratis herunterladen: 


Instruktionen für den Gebenden (gratis)


Instruktionen für den Empfangenden (gratis)

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